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Creating a Brochure with Word

There are lots of ways to create a template using a word processing program. Here is a template that gives you some ideas. You can also use the template and just replace the text and clipart to make your own.

Template of a Book Review brochure -

Template of a generic brochure -

Here are the basic steps:

            1. Open a word processing program
            2. Set the page layout to landscape
            3. Set the margins to .25 all the way around your document
            4. Set the columns to 3
            5. Get a blank piece of paper and fold it the way your document will be folded and mark with a pencil which column will be the front and which will be the back - or - you can download the template above and use it as a guide.
            6. Create your brochure. Remember to alternate your text with images, graphs, lists, and charts to make it more visually attractive.