Alt Key Combination Shortcuts

Alt Key Combinations

à Alt+133 À Alt+0192
â Alt+131 Â Alt+0194
ä Alt+132 Ä Alt+142
ç Alt+135 Ç Alt+128
é Alt+130 É Alt+144
è Alt+138 È Alt+0200
ê Alt+136 Ê Alt+0202
ë Alt+137 Ë Alt+0203
î Alt+140 Î Alt+0206
ï Alt+139 Ï Alt+0207
ô Alt+147 Ô Alt+0212
œ Alt+0156 Œ Alt+0140
ù Alt+151 Ù Alt+0217
û Alt+150 Û Alt+0219
ü Alt+129 Ü Alt+154
« Alt+174 » Alt+175
á Alt+0225 Á Alt+0193
é Alt+0233 É Alt+0201
í Alt+0237 Í Alt+0205
ó Alt+0243 Ó Alt+0211
ú Alt+0250 Ú Alt+0218
¡ Alt+0161 ¿ Alt+0191
‹ Alt+0139 › Alt+0155
« Alt+0171 » Alt+0187
ñ Alt+0241 Ñ Alt+0209

For Laptop Computers

  1. Hold down the Fn key and the ALT key.
  2. Type the number shown on the chart above using the embedded numberpad (small blue numbers on the keyboard).
  3. Release the Fn and ALT key.